Top 20 Things To Do In Singapore – The Lion City

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Evolved from a small fishing village to the global financial centre, Singapore has claimed its place as one of the world’s must visit destinations. With its jaw dropping waterfront beaches, eye soothing green spaces and awe inspiring skyscrapers; Singapore looks like a scene from some futuristic Hollywood movie. Inspite of being small in size, the city is very reassuring. You’ll be surprised to discover it’s diverse culture. Singapore is a blend of Asian and European culture and a nation that still cherishes it’s ancient traditions. Despite of it’s hot and humid climate, the island is incredibly fertile. Moreover, with it’s strict laws, Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest city in the world.  Whether it’s the fun filled activities, educational or religious tours, or unique wild life experience, Singapore has a lot to offer. I’ve selected the top 20 of those activities for you to plan your Singapore trip.

1. Click With Merlion

Singapore, also known as the lion city, is famous for it’s Merlion. It is represented as a mythical creature with the head of a lion and body of a fish. History of Merlion finds it’s origin in ancient Singapore being a fishing village, hence, the fishtail is the remembrance of that. Some locals narrate the story as Merlion being a huge sea monster that protected Singapore for numerous years. Today, Merlion has become the personification of Singapore. You will find it everywhere from the Emblems to Souvenirs to the symbol of tourism department. Take a close look at the fascinating sculpture of this unique creature and click pictures with the favourite Merlion of the city.

2. Skypark

Skypark is an amazing example of how far human imagination can go. Floating atop three hotel towers of Marina Bay Sands, Skypark looks like a huge spaceship docked on a tripod. This 1.2-hectares park stands proudly at the height of 200 metres in the air and is on the 57th floor above the ground level. The gravity-defying Skypark consists of a large observation deck, restaurants, lush tropical trees and plants. There is a 150-meter  infinity pool as well on the 56th floor. You can buy tickets to the public observation deck and get a bird’s eye view of the bustling city.  Exhibit your photography skills and capture the moments of lifetime in the clouds. You can also dine in the sky while treating your eyes with the breath-taking view of the Singapore Skyline. The infinity pool is another major attraction which stands 191 meters from the ground on the 56th floor. Since the pool is designed with a vanishing edge, those taking a dip in it feel like they are swimming among the clouds with the most magnificent view at their feet. The entry to the infinity pool is restricted to only exclusive hotel guests, however, non-hotel guests can have a look at the pool from the observation deck.

3. Gardens by the Bay

‘Gardens by the Bay’ is the attraction you simply cannot miss in Singapore. It is an ecological park that consists of 101 acres of cultivated land and offers the breath-taking waterfront views. The garden is bound to amaze you with its major attractions. At the ‘Supertree Grove’, you will find stunning man-made supertrees that are up to 16 storeys tall. You can walk on the suspended walkway constructed between the supertrees to enjoy the 360 degree view of the gardens. Enter the largest greenhouse, ‘Flower Dome’, that replicates the climatic conditions of the Mediterranean and semi-arid region plants and houses various plants and trees from deserts from all over the world. ‘Cloud Forest’ is another attraction that encloses a 35-metre tall mountain covered in rich vegetation and cloaked in mist, among the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. You can enjoy a leisurely walk all the way up to the top of the mountain. Not only this, there is a one-hectare ‘Children’s Garden’ that comprises of a 7.5- metre treehouse as well as communicating water tunnels. There are beautiful ‘Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes’ that are a rich source of aquatic life.

4. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is Asia’s answer to London Eye. This giant observation wheel takes you on a 30-minute ride, 165-metres above the ground level which is as high as 42 stories. There are 28 fully air-conditioned glass capsules and you can board one of them to be transported on an unforgettable journey of stunning sceneries. Singapore Flyer offers the most magnificent views of the city that stretches to some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia as well on clear days. You can also opt for in-flight packages of the flyer that offers fine dining, high tea, Champagne and cocktails. Sip on your favourite drink and enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Although the city view can be enjoyed anytime of the day from Singapore Flyer, however, the best time is at the sunset when the city is beautifully illuminated and looks like a dreamland.

5. National Orchid Garden

National Orchid Garden is a part of Singapore Botanical Gardens. It has more than 1000 species and more than 2000 hybrids of orchids to display. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of these beautiful flowers. Do not miss out the Cool House section of the garden where the mountain plants and trees are thoughtfully grown under an air-conditioned glass house to maintain their climatic conditions, another captivating sight.

6. Singapore River Cruise

Your Singapore exploration experience is incomplete without the Singapore river cruise. Embark a traditional bumboat to explore Singapore’s hidden treasures. It’s a 40-minute river ride where you get to see the significant monuments and landmarks while sitting on the boat. The experience is even more mesmerising at night when the entire city is beautifully lit and alive.

7. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in the world and the largest bird park in Asia. It has a collection of over 5000 birds across 400 species.  The well-cared birds are kept in their naturalistic environments. The star attractions of this colourful park are: Waterfall Aviary- A 30 meters long man-made waterfall and a home to more than 600 birds. Lory Loft- An opportunity to get close to around 15 colourful and lively lory species. You can feed them and get clicked with them. The sight of these friendly and fearless birds will leave you tickling and smiling. Penguin Coast- where you find numerous species of lively penguins entertaining you with their playful tricks. Flamingo Lake- An awe-inspiring sight of pink and white flamingo flocks. You can also enjoy different bird shows including  ‘Kings of the Skies’ show, where mighty eagles, hawks and falcons show their perfect hunting moves. Also, dine with the penguins and parrots. Last but not the least, check out the species of huge flightless birds, such as, ostriches and dinosaur descendants.

8. Singapore Zoo

For the animal lovers, this place is a paradise. Animals are kept in their natural habitats. They’re lively, friendly and very well taken care of. Board a tram or take a walk around the 26-hectare zoo which is a home to over 300 species of animals. The zoo is divided into various sections. There is a live commentary to educate visitors about the zoo animals.Enjoy the captivating animal shows and animal feeding sessions. You can see the clear bonding between the animals and the trainers. Spot the ferocious white tigers, African lions, Tigers and Ligers. Enter the ice cave of ‘Frozen Tundra’ section to meet the polar bears. Be ready to be astonished by their swimming skills in sparkling water pool. Get an overdose of cuteness by watching playful pandas. The ‘Repltile Garden’ is a house to various fascinating reptiles such as Rhino Iguana, Komodo Dragon, Green Iguana. Meet the most common snake in Singapore, ‘Python’ in the ‘Snake House’ of the zoo. Do not miss out the ‘Primate Kingdom’ section of the zoo to spot Black Howler Monkey, Agile Gibbon, Douc Langur, Brown Capuchin, Black and White Colobus Monkey and many more. The ‘Croco Loco’ section is dedicated to huge crocodiles. Also, spot some endangered species of animals, like, Pygmy Hippopotamus, Small clawed otter, Naked Mole Rat, Spotted mouse deer, Hamadryas Baboon, Bornean Orang Utans etc. There is another section called ‘Zoo-rassic Park’ where you will find the life like structures of almost 20 dinasours as well as learn about the extinction of these pre-historic creatures. Not only this, you can go for the ‘River Safari’ to explore Asia’s first and only river-themed wild park. If you are going with children between 5 to 12 years old, there is a section you simply cannot miss, the ‘Rainforest Kidzworld’, which is like an animal wonderland. There is a never-ending list of fun activities that children can enjoy here, including, pony rides, feeding the goats, petting rabbits or just playing in the watery playground.

9. Night Safari

Night Safari is located next to the Singapore Zoo. It is the dedicated house for over 130 species of nocturnal creatures who live in 35 hectares of dense rainforest. Board the 35 minute tram ride to peep into the dimly-lit homes of these nocturnal animals. Major tour attractions are free-roaming Malayan Tapirs, Malayan Tigers,  All-time favourite Asian Elephants and Asian Rhinoceros, Chawang – the bull elephants, Bearded Pigs, red dholes, Striped Hyenas, Indian Wolf, Axis Deer, Thamins – the golden deer, dominant Banteng Bulls, Nile Hippos and  Sloth Bear. Do take a trek to the leopard trail to spot closely clouded leopards, Gir Lion, giraffes, zebras, oryxes, small toothed civet, Malayan civet and the golden cat. Also, spot the giant flying squirrel at the two deep corners of the leopard trail. Have a hearty and tasty dinner at the restaurants in the night safari venue and proceed to watch the 20 minute ‘Creatures of the Night Show’. Be prepared to be thrilled by the natural talents and unique behaviours of the night heroes, ottur, spotted hyena, binturong, and many more

10. Fire Show

This show at the night safari is very popular among visitors and it offers a unique experience. The show includes a striking succession of flame-throwing demonstrations along with lively dance moves. Heat up your night by enjoying the astonishing stunts of these fire-show dancers, over a glass of your favourite drink.

11. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay (pronounced as ‘Clarki’) is all about the night life in the city.  Located along the iconic Singapore river, this place has a festive environment. There are lots of bars, restaurants, cafes and live music. You’ll find some musicians playing live music outside the restaurants and people singing and dancing around them. You can eat, drink and walk here all night without getting bored. Take a walk along the riverside enjoying the prominent city sights and the historical landmarks. Try out the G-MAX Reverse Bungy to pump up your adrenaline. The Bungy gets tossed at 60 feet high into the air at a speed of 200 kmph. Try ‘Chilli Crab’, the signature dish of Singapore, or stop at the Raffles hotel for a glass of ‘Singapore Sling’, the national drink of Singapore. Eat, drink, dance and make merry at the Clarke Quay.

12. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is one of the major tourist attraction in Singapore. Whether it’s the thrilling theme parks or world-class tourist attractions or chic cafes or just the sun and sand of the beautiful beaches, Sentosa has a lot to offer. Board a Sentosa Express metro line or relish the breathtaking cable car ride to reach Sentosa. Click with the Sentosa Merlion, Soak in the sun and sand of beautiful beaches of the Island, Enjoy the thrilling rides of the Kidz City, or play at the Sentosa Golf Club. This Island will never disappoint you as far as fun and entertainment is concerned.

13. S.E.A. Aquarium

South East Asia Aquarium at the Sentosa Island is world’s largest aquarium and is a collection of more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species.  It gives you an opportunity to get closer to a diverse collection of marine life. Check out the friendly bottlenose dolphins, magnificent hammerhead sharks, fascinating sea dragons, and glowing jellyfishes. There is also a Discovery Touch Pool where you can touch and show your tender loving care for some limited sea creatures including star fish.

14. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Madam Tussauds is a world-renowned wax museum in Sentosa Island.  The visit starts with the ‘The Spirit of Singapore’ boat ride showing the city’s development from a small village to bustling metropolis. After that you step into the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to  click selfies with your favourite celebrities. There are wax figures of famous film stars, politicians, players, rock stars, etc. The attention given to the minute details of the museum is commendable. The museum keeps the memories alive of the great people who left their mark on the history.

15. ‘Wings of Time’ Laser Show

‘Wings of Time’ is a spectacular outdoor laser show in Sentosa Island, a show not to be missed. It is a multi-sensory exhibition of water, laser light, fire effects and melodious music set in the open sea. It tells you an epic tale of love, courage and magic. The experience is so picturesque that you forget to blink your eyes at times. Soar high in the magical charm of this beautiful mystery and capture your favourite moments.

16. Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye museum is a wonderland created with the art of optical illusions that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images. The museum consists of almost 90 eye-deceiving artworks in six different themed galleries. You can step into the paintings that and the artworks that seem so real, and click creative photos to trick viewer’s eyes. Whether it’s the paintings of ferocious snakes, mysterious witches, or beautiful butterflies, seeing is not believing in the Trick Eye Museum. This is a perfect photo destination for creating unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Make sure your camera is fully charged and has ample memory space before you visit the museum.

17. Seal And Dolphin Show

This show is a splendid experience. Meet the adorable fur seals and pink dolphins as they perform awe-inspiring acts. You’ll be amazed by the intelligence of these charming creatures. Watch the fur seals dance, clap and gamely shake hands as well as pose for the photos. The pink dolphins will mesmerise you with their playful spirit by jumping, tail-walking and splashing water on the visitors. Feel free to use your camera and capture the lovely experience. These fascinating animals are sure to leave a mark on your heart.

18. Universal Studios

Enter the magical world of your favourite movies by going beyond the scenes and enjoy the thrill of movie theme based rides. Explore the seven zones of the Universal Studio rides – Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar. Rides not to be missed are Transformers, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase, Shrek 4-D Adventure. Make sure you reach early as you need the entire day to enjoy all the rides

19. Little India

‘Little India’ is a lively historic area that shows the best of Indian community. The rich culture, joyful festivals, Relishing dishes and colourful houses of this area perfectly justify the name.  Click pictures of the flamboyant houses and streets. Treat  your taste buds with delicious North Indian curries with rotis, South Indian Idli-Sambhar, milk tea and filter coffee. Shop at the famous Mustafa Centre shopping mall. You can buy souvenirs, bangles, colourful decors, sarees and gold from the local shops of Little India.

19. Little India

China Town is a historic town of Singapore with a blend of old and new cultures. You will find traditional shops and old markets as well as new stores and cool cafes. You can shop for souvenirs at the Pagoda Street, or buy traditional Chinese medicines at the South Bridge Road. Chinatown is where you will find Hindu temple (Sri Mariamman Temple), Chinese temple (Buddha Tooth Relic Temple) and mosque (Jamae Mosque) sitting together. Experience a Trishaw Ride on the streets of the China Town. Explore the town’s history and culture during the vibrant and luminous evening hours. Walk down the food street of China Town and Relish a delicious Chinese dinner at a local Chinese Restaurant.

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