Things Not To Do In Phuket

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Phuket, Thailand | 16 comments

While Phuket offers you a variety of unique experiences, there are certain activities you must avoid as they are a complete waste of time and money.  Here is a list of the things you must not do in Phuket:

1. Elephant Safari

While I recommended Elephant Safari as one of the must-do things in Bali where elephants are treated with a lot of love and care, Elephant Safari in Phuket is a complete disappointment. It is overpriced, dangerous and filthy. They take you through a filthy steep route full of dirt and elephant poop. There are points where you almost feel like falling off your seat. Moreover, even the animal is mistreated. So, don’t waste your money and time and go for some better things to do in Phuket.

2. Elephant/Monkey/Snake Show

This is another example of animal cruelty. Animals are beaten and trained to do these shows.  The price is quite high and the shows are a disappointment. Anyone who has ever seen snake charmer shows, these shows are no better than those.



3. Tiger Kingdom

’Tiger Kingdom’ in Phuket is completely opposite to its name. It’s just a confinement where Tigers are kept in an extremely poor condition. They’re sedated and beaten so they don’t attack humans. You can see open wounds on some of these animals. It is a rip-off  and extremely heart rending. There is no fun in getting clicked with sad and depressed animals.

4. Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo is not something you actually call a zoo. It is a concrete jungle with no greenery and a handful of animals kept in a poor environment. Elephants are smacked to perform elephant shows. Crocodiles are hit badly and pulled around by their tails. Fishes are kept in stinking dirty water. Your heart will bleed for these animals. Please do not support animal cruelty by visiting this place.

5. Butterfly Garden

I personally love butterflies and butterfly conservatories, however, this butterfly garden in Phuket is way below expectations. Although it is a pleasant stroll through a garden, there are some butterflies and a few common insects. Some of the insects appear to be dead and the fishes are hardly visible due to the dirty pond. Not a very interesting park. Unless you have a lot of extra time to explore Phuket, you can avoid this place.


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