Street Art In Jammu – The Painted Stories

by | Apr 21, 2018 | Culture, Jammu & Kashmir | 28 comments

Street art is something that has always fascinated me. The painted stories delivering bold messages, addressing social issues or just exhibiting the rich history and culture of a place. Some intriguing ones would simply leave you guessing what was going on in the mind of the artist. Street art has broken the conventional walls of thinking that art can only be seen in art galleries. On my recent visit to my hometown, Jammu, I came across some of these interesting visual treats. Sharing the glimpses of this rich art:

There are amazing social messages delivered by these paintings that include clean India mission, save the nature, crime against women, female foeticide, blood donation and war against drugs.

Some of them displaying the rich culture and heritage of Jammu. This beautiful work was put up by school kids and students and well as established artists who enthusiastically splashed the city with magical colours of their fertile imagination. The creativity of these artists is commendable!

I hope you were equally touched by the messages portrayed in these little masterpieces. What are your thoughts on street art?

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