Baan Poo Doo Lay, Phuket – Restaurant With a View

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When you have soaked yourself in the heavenly beauty of Big Buddha in Phuket and you are hungry for some lip smacking flavours, do look for Baan Poo Doo Lay – a restaurant that offers delicious food and amazing views. Baan Poo Doo Lay is located on the way back from Big Buddha and is a perfect place to spend a pleasant evening. This restaurant was suggested to us by our local driver and I’m glad he did.

Rustic and Nature- Friendly Decor

We stopped near the inviting wooden board with the name of the restaurant on it. We were captivated by the first look and the decor of Baan Poo Doo Lay. It looked less like a restaurant and more like a house. With so many green potted plants around, it perfectly blended with its natural surroundings.

Spectacular Views

Take a seat near the railing and you can enjoy spectacular views of the Chalong Bay and the Phuket town. The greenery around is a visual treat. It’s a great place to show your photography skills and click some instagrammable pictures. Since there is raw nature around, you may spot some goats grazing in the wild and some squirrels or birds hopping on trees.

Food and Drinks

We started our evening by ordering breezers. I liked the way they served them – carefully wrapped in a thermocol sheath so your fingers don’t get wet. Enjoying terrific views around sipping on your favourite drinks cool breeze brushing through your hair is an unparalleled experience.

Your can select a variety of delicacies from their extensive food menu. We tried fried chicken with salted vegetables in Thai red sauce, fried rice and Thai potato chicken. Food was served beautifully and it was absolutely delicious. Prices are a little high though, however, it’s completely worth it considering their flavourful food as well as the location of the restaurant. Baan Poo Doo Lay accepts cash and credit cards for payments.

 Great Hospitality

Baan Poo Doo Lay not just offers great food and breathtaking views, but their hospitality is also commendable. We were greeted with a warm smile. The staff helped us with our selection of food, explaining the level of spiciness and taste of certain dishes. Their service was quick and perfect. They were on their toes taking orders, helping their guests with the order selection, serving their ordered delicacies, cleaning tables etc. Their spotlessly clean washrooms is another plus point.

Overall, it was an evening well spent at Baan Poo Too Lay with delicious food, beautiful views and great hospitality. It is a great stop for lunch or evening snacks if you are going to or returning from Big Buddha in Phuket.

P.S. :- This is not a sponsored post. I dined at the restaurant at my own cost. All the views are based on my own experience with Baan Poo Doo Lay.

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