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Five Things You Must Do In Bangkok

Five Things You Must Do In Bangkok ? Five Things You Must do in Bangkok Bangkok is the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand and is among the world’s top tourist destinations. Known for its ornate shrines, cultural landmarks, vibrant street life and notorious red-light districts, it is known to be the most visited city in the world.  From the peaceful Buddha temples to the chaos of the local streets; Bangkok will surprise you with its variety of familiar and exotic experiences you can choose from. It is the most enigmatic city with a perfect blend of tradition...

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Top Five Things To Do In Phuket

Top 5 Things to Do In Phuket ? Top Five Things To Do In Phuket Phuket is a beautiful rain forested, mountainous island located in the Andaman Sea. With a total area of approximately 576 Square Kilometres, it is the largest Thai Island that offers a distinct variety of experiences you will never forget. With its thirty relaxed beaches that range from white sand to slightly muddy ones, the rich display of Thai culture and heritage, sumptuous traditional Thai food, and the sinful nightlife to spoil you for choices, Phuket is a destination for that romantic holiday you always...

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