Arabic Coffee….

Arabic Coffee is an aromatic and flavourful drink made from Coffee Arabica beans that grow at a height of upto 2000 metres. The history of Arabic coffee is deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of United Arab Emirates. It is a sign of hospitality and is served during marriage ceremonies, festivities and all great occasions.  Coffee was originally discovered by the cowboys who noticed some extra alertness in their cattle after eating berries and leaves of a certain plant. When they tried the berries themselves, they felt an increased level of energy. These berries were from the coffee plant and hence coffee came into existence. Arabic coffee is prepared by lightly roasting the coffee beans and grinding them coarsely. The ground coffee is then boiled on low heat along with cardamom, cloves and a pinch of saffron. A teaspoon of rose water is optionally added.  Arabic coffee is made and served in a traditional vessel called Dallah. Conventional way of drinking this coffee is without milk and unsweetened. It is fragrant, strong, robust and bitter and generally served with dates to balance its bitterness. So, all coffee lovers must try Arabic coffee at least once when you visit UAE. Or just make your own version at home. 

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