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Easy check-in, clean aircraft, comfortable seats, great hospitality, sumptuous food, timely departure and smooth landing – what else do you want from your flight experience? Air Vistara offered all this on my recent trip with them. Although this wasn’t the first time I flew with them, but this time I thought of writing about the trip considering all my trips with Vistara have been great ones. My first trip with the airline was from Delhi to Goa in March 2015. After that, Air Vistara became my first choice for all destinations it serves.

About Air Vistara

The name ‘Vistara’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘a limitless expanse’. Vistara Airlines, also known as Vistara SIA Airlines Ltd. (registered name), is a joint venture of Tata Sons Limited and Singapore Airlines Limited. It is a domestic airline in India that aims to provide a perfect and personalised flying experience to its passengers. Started in January 2015 as a flight from Delhi to Mumbai, it now serves 22 destinations with over 700 flights a week. For more detailed information on routes and flight timings, you can refer to their website.

Our Journey

Flying with Vistara has always been a lovely experience for me. This post is about my recent flight with them. I visited Jammu last month (April’2018) with my mom and brother. We booked Vistara as our return flight from Jammu to Delhi. Since Jammu is a high security area, there are a lot of check-in formalities including multiple security checks followed by baggage identification before they load your luggage in the aircraft. But the staff of Vistara was always on their toes to help the passengers even on the airport. You can easily spot them roaming around at the airport and ask them anything. They will not only answer your questions but also escort you to the point you want to reach. The result is a smooth and easy check-in. I was impressed with their flawless customer service.

The Aircraft

We boarded the Airbus A320 aircraft which was clean and smelled fresh. We booked premium economy class. The seats were quite comfortable with ample leg space. I’ve travelled in economy as well in Vistara previously and the leg space wasn’t that bad as compared to other flights.  There was in-flight Vistara magazine that you can enjoy reading during your trip. The on-time departure and a very smooth take-off was another plus point. Although, we suffered the flight delay once in the past with Vistara, however, that was due to the bad weather. We were on a Monsoon trip at that time. Vistara’s on-time departure and arrival makes it a first choice for a lot of people.


Another selling point of Vistara for me is their food that smells fresh and tastes great. We were served a packet of cookies and some water as refreshment. The snack/lunch menu had a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal along with a dessert and  a choice of beverage. Vegetarian meal comprised of dried white peas stir fry with baked flat bread.  We opted for non-vegetarian meal – smoked chicken in sesame paste and Middle Eastern spices with baked pita bread. We paired it with some orange juice. The dessert was a delicious fruit custard. They also served tea and coffee after the meal. The staff was polite, courteous, helpful and was always on their toes to serve the passengers.

Great Views

It was a one stop flight from Jammu to Delhi via Srinagar. Initially I thought it wasn’t a great idea as it increased the flight duration. However, once I looked out of the window, I was glad we chose this flight. The views were to die for. The snow covered mountains, the green landscapes and the tall chinar trees – everything was so surreal. I felt that I can relish these vistas for hours without bothering about the duration of the flight.

On Time Arrival & Smooth Landing

The aircraft was efficient enough to handle the turbulence level. Despite of multiple bad weather announcements, we hardly felt much turbulence. The flight arrival was ten mins before the scheduled time. The landing was skilful and smooth and so was the baggage collection. If this is not enough, you can also collect Club Vistara points on each booking you make with Vistara and redeem them later for your future bookings. Check out more details about this program on their website. The airline carries out its operations in Delhi from Indira Gandhi International Airport (Terminal 3). Upon arrival, you may have to cover a little distance to reach the baggage counter. However, the travellators on the way makes the walk easier. Also, there are multiple washrooms built on the way for traveller’s convenience.


Have you ever travelled with Vistara? Which is your favourite airline and why? Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear about your experience. Thanks for reading.

P.S. – This is not a sponsored post. All the views are based on my own experience with Vistara Airlines.

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