A Visit To Karna Lake, Karnal – Tracing The Footsteps of Mahabharata

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Karnal city is located in the Indian state of Haryana and its history is associated with Karna, a legendary character in Mahabharata. We visited the city recently for a wedding ceremony of my friend’s brother and that is when I explored its fascinating history. My trip was with hubby dear, my friend and her 2.5 years old daughter. Since we had some spare time, we planned a short visit to ‘Karna Lake’ which is a major tourist attraction in Karnal. The lake is a piece of paradise for anyone looking for some tranquil moments in the busy city life of Karnal.

History of Karna Lake

According to the legend of Mahabharata, the great warrior Karna used to take a dip in this lake every morning, post which he gave alms to the poor and needy. Karna was the son of Lord Surya (sun). He was bestowed with divine earrings and an armour that protected him. During the war of Mahabharata, Lord Indra approached him as a poor Brahmin and asked for his divine belongings. He did this to help his son Arjuna in the great war. Karna was already aware of this conspiracy, however, he was bound by his words that he will not send anyone empty-handed from his door. Hence, he gave his divine earrings and armour as a charity to Lord Indra on the banks of this lake. Karna was so great a warrior that no one would kill him till the time he had his bow in hand. His half brother, Arjuna killed him in the war by shooting an arrow at Karna when he was unarmed. The city of Karnal as well as the lake are named after Karna.

How to Reach Karna Lake?

Karna Lake is approximately 20 mins drive from the Karnal Bus Stand. You can hire an auto rickshaw or a cab to reach there. If you are coming by your own conveyance, there is a lot of parking space near the lake.

Timings and Entry Fee

Karna Lake is open 24 hours, however, visiting the lake before sunset is recommended. There is no entry fee.

Beauty of Karna Lake

Karna lake is dipped in sheer natural beauty. The greenery around the lake and the peaceful vibes will make you forget you are in a busy city with a lot of traffic. You will lose the track of time by merely sitting by the lake and soaking yourself in its energies. The cool breeze brushing through your hair, the birds chirping and singing their happy songs, beautiful ducks playing in the lake – everything about Karna Lake is simply captivating.

What to Do at the Lake?

Sit by the lake for those life contemplations or take a stroll around and enjoy its scenic beauty from different angles. Click loads of pictures and make your favourite memories. Go for a romantic boat ride on the lake waters. Eat delicious food at a lake facing restaurant. Spot some beautiful birds. Karna Lake is also famous for its breathtaking sunset. So, if you have ample leisure time, watching a sunset at the lake is recommended.

Where to eat at Karna Lake?

Karna Lake is maintained by Haryana Tourism. There are few shops for snacks like chips, biscuits and soft drinks, a fast food restaurant and a restaurant for lunch/dinner. Since we were very hungry and it was almost the lunch time, we opted for lunch. The restaurant, maintained by Haryana Tourism, was spacious, nice and clean. The food options included buffet as well as a-la-carte.

My friend, who is a vegetarian, opted for a veg thali. It  included tandoori rotis (baked Indian bread), boiled rice, dal, mix vegetables, shahi paneer (cottage cheese) and salad. Me and my hubby ordered chicken curry and butter naan (baked Indian bread made of corn flour) with complementary salad. Food was delicious, service was great and the lake view from the restaurant was amazing. I also liked their milk coffee that I ordered after lunch.

Post lunch, we went for a small walk around the lake and enjoyed the scenic views. I wanted to go for boating, but we were running late for the wedding. So, we clicked some memorable pictures and bid sweet goodbyes to the lovely Karna Lake.

I recommend visiting this little piece of heaven on your trip to Karnal.  The lake lies at almost equal distance between Chandigarh and Delhi. So, even when you are travelling between these two cities, it serves as a refreshing midway stop.

Have you ever visited the Karna Lake? Please leave a comment below about your experience. I would love to know your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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