15 Wonderful Things To Do In Mauritius – The Tropical Paradise

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Mauritius is a beautiful island nation of African continent. With its sun-kissed beaches and warm turquoise sea, it is one of the most romantic places on earth. Surrounded by the majestic Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a harmonious blend of tranquility and luxury. The fascinating sugarcane fields, clean roads, lush rainforests, hiking trails, enchanting waterfalls, rich wildlife, beautiful lagoons and coral reefs are sure to leave you spell bound. Whether it is the traditional spa to uplift your soul, or diving deep into the sea to discover its rich marine life, or just a beach walk with that special someone who has left footprints on your heart, Mauritius offers you a variety of unique experiences that will compel you to return to its shores time and time again. With its multi-religious and multicultural people, Mauritius is highly ranked for its democracy and political freedom. The day starts early here with a beautiful sunrise at around 6:30 a.m. Being a tropical Island, Mauritius has two seasons – Summer and Winter. Summers last from October till April. May is the onset of Winters that last till September. Whether you visit Mauritius for adventure, romance or tranquility, this place will never disappoint you. There is a never-ending list of things to do and places to visit. Listed below are the top 15 things that should be on your list when you visit Mauritius.

1.  Seven Coloured Earth

Seven Coloured Earth is a beautiful artwork of nature located in the Chamarel village in South Mauritius. It is a small area of sand dunes comprising sand of seven different colours that settle in different layers. The interesting fact is that these dunes never erode despite being exposed to severe tropical rains. There are beautiful patterns carved on the hillside by these heavy rains. The Seven Coloured Earth is a natural phenomenon which is believed to be an outcome of the molten volcanic rock cooling down at different temperatures and the conversion of basaltic lava to clay minerals. The dunes are protected by a wooden fence. Although, visitors are not allowed to climb the dunes, you can enjoy the scenic views from various observation points. There are curio shops in the area that sell small test tubes filled with this coloured sand. Another fascinating fact about the Seven Coloured Earth is that if you take sand from all different colours and mix the particles together, they will eventually separate rejoining its own colour caste.  There is a science behind it. This volcanic decomposed sand primarily comprises of Iron and Aluminium compounds that repel each other. Relish the mesmerising views, click a lot of pictures, dine at view point restaurants and shop for souvenirs.

2. Meet the Giant Turtles

Meet the giant turtles on your way back from Seven Coloured Earth. The ancestors of these fascinating creatures are known to have co-existed with dinosaurs. They feed on grass, fallen leaves and fruits. Each of them weigh around 400 to 450 kilograms. The turtles are quite friendly and quickly respond to your tender loving care. You can get close to them, feed them and get clicked with them. They are sure to leave their crawling trails on your heart.

3. Trou Aux Cerfs – The Dormant Volcano

Trou Aux Cerfs is a dormant volcano located at a height of around 600 metres above the sea level. It has a well- defined crater and cone. The crater has a diameter of 300 meters and is 80 metres deep. Covered in a thick layer of lush flora with central water clogging, it looks like a nice green hill with a beautiful pond in the centre. Although this volcano is lying dormant for more than 100,000 years, it is not completely dead. According to geologists, it can become active anytime within the next thousand years. You cannot descend into the crater; however, you can enjoy the intriguing view from above and click memorable pictures. Also, savour the breath- taking 360º view of the Curepipe town. Take a walk around the crater or simply sit in the garden on the slope and breathe in the fresh cold air. This place is free from city noises and pollution. With its tranquil ambience, astonishing views and cooler climate, Trou Aux Cerfs is perfect for a refreshing break.

4. Waterfalls

Being an island of volcanic origin, Mauritius is a land of elevated mountain ranges and several fascinating waterfalls. Most of these waterfalls owe their origin to the volcanic activity dated back to several million years. These waterfalls are located among the rich flora and fauna and are unspoilt by tourism. Rochester falls is known for its rectangular rocks and is 10 meters high. Mare Aux Joncs is another beautiful waterfall that can be reached by hiking your way up and down through the lush green forest, crossing small rivers and walking on rocks – quite adventurous. The Tamarind falls is a group of seven waterfalls that lie beneath each other in a beautiful valley. There are no paved roads or fences and you can take a full day hiking tour in the lap of nature to visit all of them. Chamarel waterfalls is 100 meters high and highlights two lava flows of different ages. These falls can be reached by zip line, quad biking or simply walking your way up. Enjoy the mesmerising and breath-taking views while you connect to the serenity of Mother Nature. Make sure your camera is always ready to capture beautiful moments and splendid sights.

5. Fort Adelaide

Fort Adelaide, also known as ‘La Citadelle’ is in Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius. It was built by the British between 1834 and 1840 and was named after the Queen Adelaide. Situated at a height of 240 ft. above the sea level, the fort was strategically built overlooking the Port Louis harbour to look out for any incoming enemy boats. There are grand cannons placed on top of the fort proudly facing the harbour. There is an underground tunnel that connects Fort Adelaide to the harbour. This place was also used as a prison by the British. Today, it offers the panoramic view of the old buildings standing in juxtaposition to the modern skyscrapers. Explore the various sections of the intriguing fort. Enjoy the splendid views of Port Loius, its harbour, the Thumb Mountain, the racecourse and the deep blue sea. And of course, click a lot of pictures.

6. Ile Aux Cerfs Island

Ile Aux Cerfs is a small piece of paradise with 87 hectares of rich vegetation and unspoiled white sand beaches. Board a jetty to reach the island and enjoy the fabulous views on the way that include a pirate ship and a private island. Relax on the beach or try some water sport activities available on the island, or simply swim in the warm turquoise sea. There is also a picturesque 18-hole golf course on the island where you can try your hands on playing golf. For drink and dine, there are three restaurants- each offering different styles of cuisines and two bars with a large variety of drinks. You can choose from Mauritian, Indian, Asian and Italian dishes. After relishing the sumptuous food and relaxing on the island of Ile Aux Cerfs, you can go further to explore the wilder parts of the sea on a jetty. Confront another enthralling waterfall in the middle of the sea and spot some unique bird life. With all its charm and majesty, Ile Aux Cerfs is a perfect fairy tale world and a must visit.

7. Submarine

Submarine is a dream adventure that you simply cannot miss in Mauritius. The adventure involves going underwater to 115 meters’ depth on board of a submarine. It is a once in a lifetime experience where you discover the rich marine life of Indian Ocean. The trip starts with a motorboat transfer to the main deck  in the middle of the sea where you will board the submarine. The submarine will then descent into the crystal-clear sea. This 40-minute ride takes you into a complete fantasy world where you will sail along the reefs and explore the underwater creatures in their natural habitat. The submarine is fully air conditioned with transparent-glassed cabins. Enjoy the panoramic view of the exotic corals and splendid undersea world. You may come across colourful fishes, turtles, some rare species and a shipwreck dated back to the 17th century. Click as many pictures as you want. The trained submarine pilots will guide you through the dive and describe the mysterious world around you. At the end of the trip, you will get a complimentary drink and a certificate for your experience on the submarine. Do not miss out on this unforgettable adventure in Mauritius!

8. Sea Karting

Sea karting is the most thrilling water sport in Mauritius.  Sea kart is a spacious and powerful speedboat and driving it all by yourself in the middle of the vast sea gives you an electrifying experience. You are thoroughly briefed and made confident enough to drive the kart with all safety measures. You can opt for one hour, half-day or full-day activity that starts from the glistening shores of Black River on the South West coast of Mauritius. As a part of this exciting adventure, you will sail inside the west coast lagoons. Enjoy the spectacular views of various magnificent mountain ranges and beautiful peninsulas. For further fun, the kart is stopped at a picturesque lagoon in the middle of the sea where you can jump in the turquoise water. You can swim around and spot some beautiful corals under the water surface. During your entire journey, you are escorted by a security boat with qualified instructor and expert photographers to click your best moments while you enjoy your ride. You can buy these photographs after your journey. Although high-priced, the experience is quite exhilarating and completely worth it. So, get in that high- speed sea kart for some adrenaline rush.

9. Undersea Walk

Undersea walk is undoubtedly one of the most unique experiences in Mauritius and is a must-do activity. This 20-minute excursion can be taken by divers or non-divers and requires no special training. It involves exploring the bottom of the sea as you walk on the seabed up to 10 ft. below the surface. The journey begins with a motorboat transfer from Grand Baie to a platform situated inside the lagoon in North Mauritius. After being briefed on the activity and safety measures, you descend into the crystal-clear water wearing a transparent helmet linked to the air tank that lets you breathe normally. You can even keep your glasses on as the helmet is quite spacious. A guide and a photographer stays with you while you enjoy the fascinating marine life on the undersea walking trail. Undersea walk is like living in a fantasy world, where you walk between beautiful fauna and corals, see a wide variety of fish and witness the magnificent marine life in all their natural habitat. You can also feed the colourful fish and watch them tail walking to you. It is the most exclusive experience and is sure to leave you floating high on excitement.

10. Swim With The Dolphins

If you are a swimmer, swimming with the dolphins in their natural habitat would be a magical experience for you. Enjoy the most exciting encounter with these playful and intelligent marine mammals in the open sea. You are seated in a speedboat and all the snorkeling equipment are provided to you for this fascinating experience. Plunge into the blue waters of Indian Ocean that brings you in contact with strikingly beautiful views, unspoiled landscapes and adorable bottlenose and spinner dolphins. Relish the 2.5 hours of swimming with these wonderful creatures and make a lifetime memory. Non-swimmers can indulge in ‘Dolphin Watching’ activity at the Black River or Tamarin Bay.

11. More Sea Adventures

Mauritius is an Island Paradise with warm sea. It offers a never-ending list of sea activities you can indulge in. Enjoy the unmatched thrills of Parasailing and lose yourself in vastness of magnificent turquoise waters. Go for Cave Sea Kayaking to explore the mysterious islands and caves on your own. Try water skiing, wind surfing or kite surfing to get an adrenaline rush. Go for overnight fishing expeditions in the deep blue sea. Board an underwater scooter to explore the underwater world with your special someone and take your romance to a whole new level. Discover the rich marine life of Indian ocean by doing snorkeling or scuba diving. Go for cave diving adventure and enter the intriguing underwater cave to have a glimpse of some remarkable sea formations and rare sea life. The list of activities is infinite.

12. Mauritiuseshewarnath Shiva Temple

Mauritiuseshwarnath temple is believed to be the 13th Jyotirlinga in the world. The legend associated with this Jyotirlinga is dated back to 2004 when during Shivaratri celebrations, a lady saw three eyes of Shiva on the idol and the milk poured on the idol turned blue. There is a holy lake situated near the temple also known as ‘Ganga Talao’ or the ‘Grand Bassin’. It is a crater lake situated about 800 ft. above the sea level. It is believed when Shiva held river Ganga in His knotted hair, a few drops of water fell on Mauritius, creating this sacred fresh water lake. ‘Ganga Talao’ is to Mauritians as the holy ‘Ganga’ river is to Indians. During Shivaratri celebrations, over five lakh devotees visit this place and the Jyotirlinga temple, and many of them walk barefoot from their homes to the lake. Near the entrance of Ganga Talao, there is a 108 ft. tall ‘Mangal Mahadev’ statue which is the tallest statue in Mauritius. Visit this divine place and take a dip in Mauritian mysticism and spirituality.

13. Le Caudan Waterfront

Le Caudan Waterfront is a flourishing commercial concept situated in the pulsating city of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. It offers a unique waterfront experience with a combination of modern architectural design and a rich historical background. It includes a variety of shops selling local and international brands, numerous restaurants, cafes, a movie theatre, a marina, a five-star hotel, banking facilities and a casino. Visit this place to get a glimpse of the Mauritian city life. Walk under the vibrant and colourful ‘Umbrella Alley’. Eat a sumptuous meal at a harbour view restaurant. Explore the ‘Le Craft Market’ for some inexpensive souvenirs. Drink a glass of fresh sugarcane juice to energise you. Try your hands on playing games in casino. Shop from the local shops and click your happy memories.

14. Shipmodels Factory

If you have keen interest in ships and their beautiful little curios, this place is a must-visit for you.  All the curios at the Shipmodels Factory are made according to the original plans of the ship that come from different museums of the world. The artists in the factory will explain how these ship curios are painstakingly made by hand taking care of each minute detail.  The models include war ships, cruise ships, explorer ships, fishing boats, merchant ships, speed boats, racing yachts and many more. Also, visit their showroom adjacent to the factory to buy your favourite ship curio and their other artistic work at a competitive price.

15. Mauritian Spa

A soothing, invigorating and rejuvenating spa is all you need after the adventurous excursions of Mauritius. Indulge in a traditional Mauritian Spa to enter the world of relaxation and serenity. There are a variety of spa centres in Mauritius that offer world class spa experience. Whether you choose the sea-side or a rural location, the experience is equally exhilarating. Pamper yourself with the fragrant frangipani oil massage; honey, ginger and lime treatments; lemongrass and coconut body polishing; relaxing shower or luxurious Jacuzzi bath followed by heavenly drinks and snacks.

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